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Stunning landscape with lavender field at sunsetI had some feedback about my ‘Green’ post from my niece and we agreed that I should do another post, this time on her favourite colour. Yes, you guessed it, Purple. How can I resist when she says “Purple says rich, warm, luxury, comforting, deep, satisfying and inviting”? Obviously, I can’t.

Purple is the range of hues between blue and red or between crimson and violet. It is the colour most often associated with “royalty, magic, mystery and piety”. It also gives us grapes,  figs, plums, eggplants, amethyst, blood oranges, purple cauliflower and recently purple carrots, cabbage and potatoes.

Amongst beautiful purple flowers there are pansies, hydrangeas, wisteria, lavender and my favourite rose “Angel Face”. I’ve yet to find one to beat it for fragrance and beauty though some might disagree. They’re allowed, this is my post.

Then musically there’s Deep Purple, Purple Rain and Purple Haze.

On the other hand, who wants to meet the Purple People Eater? And what writer wants to be accused of “purple prose”?

What I wish for you is exceptional success or what is known as “a purple patch”.