Main Beach at sunrise (Main Beach, Queensland, Australia)

“New Horizons” and “Torn” were born of my wondering what would it be like to:

  • lose everyone and everything you loved and cared about
  • come close to losing your life due to starvation
  • leave your home, your homeland everything you’ve ever known
  • sail from the “Harbour of Tears” to colonial Australia
  • leave 40 shades of green for a harsh and unforgiving land
  • stay loyal to one you loved who is now more like a stranger
  • learn to love and care for two young boys not your own
  • find the courage to begin again, build a home and family

One would need to be a special kind of tough to face a land so unlike your home, to dig deep and find it in your heart to laugh and love and live again. Would I have the intestinal fortitude to not just survive but thrive again? Would you?