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Koala relaxing in a tree, Queensland, Australia

House-sitting for friends had a fun side for us this week. We had a couple of visits from local wildlife.

It’s mating season (or so I’m told). We were sitting here minding our own business and heard a koala in the nature reserve behind the house. My niece (here from New Zealand) ran out to try to catch a glimpse but she managed only to see his back as he climbed up one of the trees out in the reserve. So, for some nights she’s tried to see him again and she has, but not close enough to get a photo.

Our hosts say they’ve only once had a visit from one. He came and scratched on the security door but wasn’t interested in coming in. So my niece has managed to double their number of sightings!

Though they’re not entirely sweet smelling or sociable, this guy does look cute lolling up there in the tree doesn’t he? It’s quite a life for them. They sleep 20 hours a day and don’t they look cute while they do? Mama koalas carry their joeys-yes, they are called joeys as are little kangaroos-for around a year.

The house we are sitting is in the Redland Bay area, the south side of Moreton Bay. In 2008 there were reportedly 1500 koalas living in the area and it’s common to see yellow warning signs on the local roads to make drivers aware of their presence. Many people only ever see what looks like an old grey jumper up a tree, the back end of one of these cute furry creatures.

We are here for a few days yet so I’ll post an update if we manage to capture a photo of our little grey neighbour. Though, maybe I won’t need to post an update – you may hear the excitement without one!