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Bambina mentre guarda lontano
Not many of us like waiting. We wait in line everyday for everything from checkouts to pay for our groceries to fuel for our cars. We wait for family and friends when we are playing taxi, we wait impatiently for our dinner to cook and for our post to be delivered. One would think we get accustomed to waiting, but no, I think I can answer for most people, we never like waiting.

Waiting for babies to come… waiting for that phone call from your potential sweetheart… waiting for the flu to give up it’s hold on your body and go away… waiting for children to grow up enough to get some sense out of them – though those words can be a double edged sword.

We are also required to wait in other ways, waiting for the call to say we have a job – now that’s never an easy wait. At least I’ve gotten so far as being asked to some interviews in this last month. So, I’m keeping busy applying for jobs and working on another writing style which I’m hoping will become an income stream for me. It’s not easy but it’s impossible to stop everything just because I haven’t yet got what you are waiting for.

Waiting to hear whether a publisher likes your book enough to want to publish it? That’s an even longer wait sometimes. You may have guessed that “Torn” is in limbo at the moment. At least it’s not a quick “no” so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. In the meantime, it’s being judged, as I write, in a competition. Which will come through first? We’ll have to wait and see.

What are you waiting for?