This happened!

Well at least this is what my writing life feels like.

All the pieces are there, or so I’m hoping, but putting them together in a recognisable pattern seems beyond me.

Lately when I pick up a piece it’s blank! I hope when I turn the blank ones over there’s a picture on the other side which fits into the others… somewhere, but lately the picture is either blurred or indistinguishable.

Maybe I need new glasses. Not rose coloured glasses. I’m a little too much of a realist for that. Come to think about it, maybe I need a pair just occasionally.

I’ve lost the picture for my jigsaw. As any jigsaw enthusiast will tell you that may be a problem or it may be just an extra level of challenge. Let’s say I’m challenged. Yeah, that sounds about right.

The good news is that I have ten days off work coming up soon. I’ll be turning over all the blank pieces of the puzzle hoping to find that picture. I plan on reclaiming my office and setting my goals for the next year. Yes, that’s right, goals rather than New Year’s Resolutions.

The good news is that I’ve written a post! After being MIA for a while, that feels good. Damn good. Thanks very much to those who have read this far. I promise I’ll try hard to put that picture together and, like a stubborn-almost-to-the-point-of-masochism jigsaw enthusiast, I’ll get there. I promise.

Don’t ask me to define “there” just yet but the picture is a work in progress. A stunning jigsaw-worthy scene. I just start with the edge pieces, define the boundaries then look at each piece carefully and put it together, piece by piece.