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Valentines Day. Handmade Hearts  in nest. Love concept on white background

“Gratitude is the Memory of the Heart”. I don’t know who originally said this, but they had a way with words. Today I’ve been thinking about gratitude. It must be time for me to say thank you to my long suffering husband. He didn’t marry a writer. Well, not an active writer. That came later. So what am I grateful for?

He gave me a new and better name. Who could object to being Younger every day?
He is patient and even tempered even when things go pear-shaped.
He’s the renovation king, always working on something and finishes things beautifully.
When I come home from a long day at work he cooks dinner for me.
Even visits from my family visiting only shake his calm a little.
He loves me in spite of myself.

So, today after 20 years of marriage, Thank You Sweetheart.