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Begrüßung Stute und FohlenMy books are set in colonial times and the introduction of the horse to Australia. Of course the only way for horses to be brought here in those days was on sailing ships. So, how did they do it? That was a question that required some research and some more and some more…

You may enjoy this story I came across from The Times of February 8th, 1811 of a horse’s views on boarding a ship:

” … During the late embarkations of the dragoon horses, at the Dock-yard, Plymouth, two of them were found so completely ungovernable as to frustrate all endeavours to sling them, and they were, in consequence, sent back to their barracks; but on Thursday last, a singular occurrence happened during the embarkation of the 11th dragoons. A fine spirited horse had baffled all the efforts of the dragoons, &c. to sling him, and became so ungovernable as to tender it dangerous to approach him; however, a sailor, with characteristic indifference to danger, dragged the animal to the Jetty Head, and proceeded to put the slings under his belly, but he soon received a severe kick on his forehead, which laid it open, and the horse got loose and dashed off; then, to the astonishment of the bystanders, he wheeled round, and returned to the sailor, who lay at his full length, near the Jetty, or Pier, and, with his right fore-foot, pushed him off the Jetty into the sea beneath. The sailor, though nearly stunned, swam to shore, mounted the Jetty, seized the animal, and wet and bleeding as he was, finally succeeded in slinging and sending him on board. …..”