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Torn is the title of my upcoming debut novel, an Irish/Australian colonial story.
Leaving Cork Harbour, the “Harbour of Tears”, bound for Moreton Bay in colonial Australia is one Mary Ellen.  Here for you is a little hint of her heartache.

Away from my homeland, from Erin’s green isle
I’ll mourn you my dear ones for yet a wee while
You sleep and you slumber in graves wide and deep
Together forever I trust in His keep
I swore on your deathbed I’d live to tell why
You sleep in that grave now while others pass by
Our crops, yes those praeties, were hit by the blight
With nought left to eat and no strength left to fight
I promised you, Ma, I’d go over the sea
Away to that land where e’en poor ones are free
We sail ever southward, across the wide world
My heart it is breaking, for freedom unfurled
There’s Michael and Patrick and Denis and John
We leave you behind as we sail ever on
My sweet Ma and dear Da I will love you for ever
I’ll remember your faces. Forget you? No never.

© Zoe Younger 2013