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Feet in mud close-up

Now in contiguous drops the flood comes down,
Threatening with deluge this devoted town.
To shops in crowds the daggled females fly,
Pretend to cheapen goods, but nothing buy.

from “A Description of a City Shower” by Jonathan Swift

Oh look! Last week’s word “Contiguous” and this week’s word is Daggle. What a great word! Unfortunately archaic, from the 1500s but could we bring it back? Meaning? To drag or trail through mud, water, etc.; draggle; bemire.

Draggle is similar in meaning: to soil by dragging over damp ground or in mud.

Bedraggled, now that’s not archaic, meaning to make limp and soiled, as with rain or dirt.

When was the last time you daggled your shoes or hem? Not too long ago for me. Friday the First of May this year. Record breaking “rain event” as the call them these days. Ruined my shoes, had to throw them out after a four and a half hour adventure between work and home.

Now we know exactly how to describe that feeling with a choice of three words: daggled, draggled or bedraggled.

So, tell me, if you wish, what are some of your favourite words?