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Laugh and Love and Live

Time is something, so they say that heals almost all things
The heart that feels so crushed and bruised they tell me even sings
And, given time, I’ll find the peace I thought would never come
They say I’ll wonder how I found the time to be so glum
I’ll take a moment to reflect on hours then long ago
When my heart felt oh so heavy and the time passed by so slow
Those things that seemed important will be so far in the past
So then I’ll say that time is winged and flies so very fast
But I thank you for the richness that to my life you did give
And realise that now’s the time to laugh and love and live
To bid old hopes and dreams a very wistful last ‘adieu’
And learn to live my life as if each day it starts anew
I know that I should do it and I sometimes wish I could
But then I wish that my poor heart were made of solid wood
So I couldn’t feel tonight that old and now familiar pain
For my eternal thoughts of you become a bittersweet refrain.

© Zoe Younger