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Time ClockIsn’t time a weird and wonderful thing? 24 hours can drag its heels until it feels neverending one day then flash by in an instant the next. Well it’s really our perception of time. It only feels that way. We all have the same 24 hours each day and it’s up to us how we use those hours – or don’t use them.

This week has been a combination of the two above.

I can barely believe a whole week has gone by again and November is just around the corner. Some of you may have noticed the NaNoWriMo tags appearing everywhere. For those who are not writers, November is the month of National Novel Writing Month, the big challenge – write 50,000 words in one month.

That’s a lot of words and believe me, in NaNoWriMo you value every single one of them. “Winning” NaNoWriMo means achieving your goal of 50k blood red words on the page because you opened a vein and wrote with almost your last gasping breath. Nah enough with the dramatics. So you write, on average, 1666 words a day. Yes. I know that was a little dramatic but you should see it from where I stand or sit or kneel… You submit your masterpiece and get a certificate to say you won! That’s it. The whole point is to set your goal and just do it. This November Shattered is where it’s all going to be happening.

On the other hand, waiting is one thing which makes time seem to drag. Waiting for your husband to finish ‘windowshopping’ for ‘big boys toys’ aka the hardware shop or the tool barn; waiting for your own true love to ask you to marry him; waiting to hear from an agent/editor that they want to sell/buy your masterpiece.

Of course, none of them even come close to that harrowing wait which some of us know only too well, waiting for a loved one’s body to give up the fight, waiting for her pain to go away permanently, wishing it didn’t have to be so and knowing, in your head at least, that anything would be better than watching her suffer, wishing you could take that pain on her behalf. Some times life is very unfair.

But, some times life is hilarious. Some times love is gentle and kind. Some times you wish those special moments would last forever. These are the times I wish for you.