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Book shaped word cloudWhat is your mood this Monday? Me? I’m quietly optimistic. This afternoon I spoke to my friend in hospital. She said she is feeling better and I was glad to hear that she sounds more like herself too. This weekend I’ve got her okay to visit. Roll on the weekend. I’m feeling very protective of my friends at the moment. I don’t want to lose any more and she gave me a real scare. They kept her in Intensive Care for so long.

My submissions of Torn are coming together nicely. I so love these characters and I love all the twists and turns that happen on the way through the book. I entered it in a writing competition some time ago and got some great feedback. One of the judges said that it was a cracker of a story but that my writing didn’t live up to the story. So, I was determined that I wouldn’t bring the story down to my writing but I would lift my writing to the story. It’s taken some time but I’m quietly optimistic.

There are some other changes happening in my life which I’m not at liberty to talk about. Then I’m hoping that I will soon be taking in a little more editing work. Not enough to interfere with my writing but enough to keep my hand in.

So, nothing earthshattering but that’s the way I like it for the moment. Chipping away at things and getting there little bit at a time.