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Every day we have choices to make-simple ones such as what to wear, what to eat, or what to drink. Other choices need a little more thought such as What do I want to accomplish today? How will I get through today? One step at a time or one giant leap of faith after another?

Some days the most important and the most difficult choice is to live regardless of the black pit yawning before us. It takes effort to dig up, from within ourselves, the courage to choose survival when giving up would be so much easier. It can take great moral fortitude to stand up for your beliefs. It can take guts to choose the right reaction rather than the easy one.

At times it can take everything we can muster inside to choose to love, to be happy, to keep our attitudes positive. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to smile. But oh the rewards.

As a writer I try to give my characters that kind of intestinal fortitude, and to reward them with exactly what they deserve, just as I wish those rewards for you who read my words.

loving american western couple holding hands in stable