Hund Welpe schlafend am LaptopHow was your day dear? Woke up tired, pushed yourself to work, a crazy busy day and you’re exhausted? Yes, so was mine but I have a lot to be thankful for today.

Why was I so tired? Because I have the most wonderful friends! My friend Cass was offered tickets to see Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell at Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast. Though she tried very hard, she just couldn’t make it so she suggested that our mutual friend and I might like to go. She knows us so well! So well that she’ll always be my friend, she knows too much!

So reasons I’m thankful today? Do you want them in alphabetical order? No? Oh well, here are just a few reasons:

We were given the opportunity to see a great show which reminded me how much I love music. Especially music where I can hear art in action. I heard each fabulous instrument played by a professional, an artist. Where the singers/songwriters are so talented that their words (which I could hear!) evoked emotions reminding me why it’s good to be alive, I could sing along, mostly silently but I apologise to the people around me for when I couldn’t keep completely silent.

My wonderful friend Mary collected me from work and drove us down and brought me home even, a generous thing to do involving at least 229 kilometres, arriving at my place after one o’clock this morning. Thankfully she stayed at my place to sleep for a while before attempting the drive home.

After about four hours sleep, I pushed my eyes back into my head and set off to work where we are still finishing off last years’ accounts. We haven’t quite finished yet and the tidy up will take a while but I could never have got as far as I did without the generous and cheerful help of Amanda, Grace and our new colleague Paige.

My lovely friend and critique partner, Elsa Holland, has been helping me to establish my platform as a writer and in celebration of all my lovely friends, long term and short, both real and cyber, she shouted my favourite steak sandwich while we discussed our goals and plans for the next few months.

After a frantic afternoon back with the accounts, to top things off, Paige and I caught the train together; the wrong train as it turns out. But you know what, we only went one station in the wrong direction before we realised and when we got out of the train, away from our phones and looked up, there were the last vestiges of a gorgeous sunset. The train back and the right train came along within 5 minutes each so no harm done.

So, thank you everyone who made my day such a good one. Lastly but not least, I’m grateful for my lovely warm bed which is calling to me now. Sleep well. I know I will!