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Retirement crisis concept as a couple of adirondack chairs sinking in the ocean during a thunder storm as a metaphor for financial investment problems for retiring seniors who lost their savings or broken dreams symbol.

The complexities of life are, sometimes, more than I can stand
And I wish that I could work them out just sitting in the sand
The waves relentless on the beach a mellow soothing tone
And noone there to hear my little low frustrated moan
Relationships with people are the hardest things of all
The more you care the easier, I find, it is to fall
To hurt and wound, dishearten and not even know I guess
Until one day you find out that this person’s in a mess
You’ll say, “I never knew, you know. I wish that you would say
Communicate just how you feel – we’d never get this way”
But so often now I know that I do just the same myself
My feelings stay inside me, hidden way back on a shelf
Is there nothing we can do but make a resolution now
A kind of private self communication vow
Make known your hurts and happiness, I’ll listen while you speak
And when you touch on faults of mine I promise I’ll be meek
Our honesty will pay off. There’s just no way it won’t
The close relationship we have will break up if we don’t
So take me in your arms and tell me of the way you feel
In words right from your heart so that I’ll know it’s real
Then our mutual understanding it will warm us every way
And I know our love will grow with each and every passing day.

© Zoe Younger 1980s