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Happy lazy dog English Bulldog on a leather armchair sofa

Well, my little pity party is officially over for now but there are lots of people I want to thank for their support over the last little while. There are too many to mention everybody’s names but if you were one who gave me a hug and/or some encouraging words this is for you.

Thanks to Simone McKinnon who was for years a wonderful wise woman, fantastic friend, marvellous mentor, my sounding board, my walking and swimming buddy who dragged me out into the sunshine literally and figuratively. I wish you could have seen your book published. I will never forget you.

Thanks to my family who rallied around and took on the jobs that threatened to overwhelm us. It was good to see you all even though it was a sad occasion, you made it a fitting tribute to our mother, the heart of our family.

To my writing family, thanks for a wonderful conference. I was able to immerse myself and forget my woes for three days. They say that friends are the family you choose for yourself. Well, your kind words, encouragement and hugs warmed my heart and got me through my darkest hours with at least a little of my sanity intact.

To my employers who have been so supportive, sent such lovely flowers and gave me the time I needed. I owe you.

Special mention to Sylvia. I will be holding my breath while I wait for the news on Monday that you are safely through your surgery.

To my special friends Mary and Cass, I hope I can be as good for others as you are to me.

And last but never least, my dear husband and his other girl (the small dark exotic in her winter coat) thanks for everything. It’s really great to be home.