whale familyMy friend Mary Church is a reader from way back. She doesn’t tell everyone that she has also dabbled with writing, children’s book, fanfic and little bits and pieces here and there. She sent this one to me after a whalewatching trip out. I loved it and with her permission I’m posting it here for you to enjoy too. Please help me encourage her to write more.

Whale Watching…

Mum, Mum, are we going watching today?
Yes we are little one.
When Mum?
Just as soon as you have eaten your breakfast.  We have to leave early to catch the boat.
We’re going to the boat?
Yes we are.  Now hurry up!!

Are we there yet Mum?
When can I see the boat?
If you look very carefully you will see it in the distance.
Is it that small white thing on top of the water?
That’s it.
What are those things on the boat, Mum?
Those are people.
What are they doing?
They are watching us.
We don’t know for certain.  They just come out on the water and watch us.
They look funny.
Yes they do.
Are we going somewhere else now?
I thought we might swim out into the bay further and sun ourselves for a little while.
O, yes please Mum!  I love sunning.