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Green heart stone WPGratitude is the Memory of the heart. I love that saying. I saw it in a greeting card years ago and have never forgotten it. Don’t you love it?

Today I’m feeling gratitude for many things so I think tonight is time to say thanks to:

1. My main man as always, who cooks so I can do what I do.

2. My critique group, the Moody Muses, Elsa Holland and Elton Kirby who have been very generous recently. I can’t say much more except thank you very much. You have inspired me.

3. My HR Manager at work, Penny, for your support, kindness, and I loved today’s lunch complete with inspirational speaker.

4. My good friend Sylvia. We’ve come a long way together and though I love how our husbands get on so well, I’ve missed you while you were away and I think it must be time for some one on one time. Can’t wait to see you on the weekend.

5. Mary and Cass for your friendship, support and for being my cheer squad. Love each of you.