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Which deeds would I change if I lived my life over?
Yes, a few – not a lot, I say thinking it over
For mistakes that I’ve made have caused changes in me
Which have made me today who I happen to be
Some things on the farm should have never been true
And some dire results haunt me all my life through
Yet the peace of the bush where we lived way back then
Taught me love for the country like those men of the pen
The dust, rock and gum trees, the freedom I feel
With the wind in my face have a quiet appeal
Hearing only the calls of a bird on the wing
When I’m there on my own I can hear my heart sing
Yes things happened to us that cause strong men to kneel
Yet my love of the bush I’m sure helped me to heal
Not just when the pain was too much to go through
And an innocent child found ‘numb’ easy to do
My mem’ries are scanty of the bad things back then
But bush wonders discovered I can relive again
Any time my heart aches I can be in that place
Under blue sky and red gum, gentle breeze on my face.

© Zoe Younger April 2008