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Luxury cruise ship at sea
The sun sidles around the curtains to warm me awake. I stretch and languidly take my time before opening my bleary eyes, rubbing them before I decide I can believe what they show me. There to greet me, warming not only my body but also my heart, is my wonderful husband, bearing two steaming mugs and a rack of toast ready to be slathered with the waiting curls of rich creamy butter and the sweetness of honey or tart Vegemite, or Lemon and Lime Marmalade. The beautifully polished oaken tray is decorated with a lovely cut crystal vase of roses from our garden. Their fragrance makes a valiant but unsuccessful battle to overtake the aroma of the coffee but I appreciate the effort.

He greets me with a “Good morning, honey” and I answer with a cheery “Good morning, sweetheart,” of my own as I rise and prepare to shine. I slip my feet into the softness of my favourite woolly slippers and my body into the peignoir matching my nightgown. As I finish tying the sash of the peignoir which matches my nightgown I straighten and prepare to follow him through the curtained French doors onto our private balcony and gently touches the tray down on the white wrought iron table before turning to wait for me. Our kiss sparks echoes of hours gone by as we take our seats.

A smile splits my face as I lift my favourite mug to my nose and draw a deep breath, closing my eyes to savour the spicy richness of my white chocolate chai latte before sipping that first awakening draught. We hold hands, his right in my left as we take a moment to appreciate the clear sky morning and the view of Moreton Bay, noting the ships waiting in the channel to access the port of Brisbane where they will be unloaded by its distinctive “giraffes” towering above the water.

As we watch, a luxury cruise liner leaves the queue, heading toward the Portside terminal. “One day,” I sigh as I enjoy my favourite dream of taking my writing buddies on a two week writing retreat for the first leg of an around the world cruise.

“You’d better hurry your breakfast if you expect to be ready to circumnavigate the globe this afternoon, darling?”

Too bad it’s not a reality, just a dream. However, it’s up to us to make sure our dreams come true isn’t it? So, this week, my goal is to get us an oaken tray and to prune the rose bush, next week to get us an oaken tray and from there on to the balcony with that view…