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Some words don’t sound anything like what they mean and this is one! If I said I love to get me some drupe you probably think I’m crazy unless of course you know this word. It sounds like a description of a pawpaw (papaya) hanging on a tree, or the effect of gravity on the body after we live with it for a few decades; or me after any period of physical exercise…

See, I told you it doesn’t sound inviting does it. So, here we go… read slowly and see how long it takes for your mouth to start salivating… Here’s Dictionary.com’s definition of drupe: “an indehiscent fruit consisting of outer epicarp, fleshy or fibrous mesocarp, and stony endocarp enclosing a single seed, as in the peach, plum, and cherry.”

If you are anything like me, you got to the last four words before you even got interested! But, YUMM. Stonefruit! Love me some stonefruit. Of course it doesn’t grow where I live, the Moreton Bay area is a tad warm. It would have been scarce as hens’ teeth here in 1850 until they started growing them on the mountains in the hinterland, the ‘great dividing range’.

So, how can we use this luscious word? Next time you struggle in with seven bags of groceries and your husband asks how was your day, you can say, “Was going okay until I got the drupe. Want some?” I can see his face now as the juice runs down my chin! So, do you explain? Oh I’m so tempted to just smile, unpack the drupe and tuck in!

How are you going to use it? I’d love to hear!

Bright summer fruits isolated on white