What the hell can I do? I am down, sad and blue
For I’ve just won first prize in a raffle
But the prize, wow surprise, it brings tears to mine eyes
and my poor heart, it’s all of a baffle.

I had taken a look at a CD and book
without glasses my vision was blurry
I could use me the mat, or the bat or the hat
but she’s little, she’s cute; and she’s furry

Now I don’t dare to take my prize past the gate
‘cause he’ll be there, he’ll meet me a howling
they’ll look at each other, then me as their mother
I guarantee she’ll start up yowling

My bulldog will shake, he will just salivate
for he’ll think that I’ve bought him a treat
He won’t see a pussy, cause he isn’t wussy
All he’ll see will be nice fresh meat

Could your interest be in a kitten for free?
there’s no way that I can just dump her
yet, I take her with me and one mouthful she’ll be
one day before she gets much plumper.

© Zoe Younger 2007

One Minute Cup Entry, North Pine Bush Poets Festival