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Listening to the words you speak, hearing the break of your heart
Feeling so helpless and useless to fix anything for my part
I sit down to see if a new day can show me one thing I can do
To help you, to ease that there burden and show you how much I love you

But all I can do now is listen, the most I can do now is care
And let you know for now, as ever, for my friend I’ll always be there
I made up my mind many years ago, a decision that gives my heart rest
Whatever the worst situation, the most I can do is my best

I’ll research the best information, take as much time as I really can
Ask whomever I think just might help me, not rest until I understand
Take a deep breath and make my decision, plan and work then to make it succeed
Then at night when I sleep I’ll feel easy, know I did my best, word and deed.

Some days my best isn’t good enough, sometimes there is naught I can do
Some problems don’t have a solution and at times I do things that I rue
I’m human and that means imperfect and I make mistakes like the rest
Some days I’m down and need help too, those days I can just do my best

I trust though that you will forgive me on days when I let you down
Because you too are always forgiven when you are the one who’s the clown
For your problems I can’t know the answers I can listen and show how I care
You can count on my understanding – when you need I can hug like a bear

I can offer my ears and my heart and if there’s anything else I can do
You can count on me – I’m here to help you, to see that you always pull through
Some problems, alas, are your own though and some I must carry myself
We can listen and help one another but our best we must do by our self

No matter how much I would wish it I can’t make your cares go away
Your load you must bear for yourself dear, just do your best for today.

© Zoe Younger 2007