What Mighta been

Yes, I shoulda, and I woulda if I coulda
But I didn’t. It’s forever more fool me
Don’tcha wonder some? What mighta maybe hap’nd
If we’da chose our pathways diff’rently

Yes, I mighta ended up a diff’rent person|
I’m a New York Times Bestseller mighta been
With an Oscar, or a medal at tha ’lympics
So much more I mighta done, I mighta seen

I mighta gone to uni, been a teacha
Or a astra-naught who travels time and space
Would ya miss me if I wasn’t standing ’ere now
Guess ya’d have anuva body in ma place!

I mighta travelled all around them forren countries
Mighta sailed alone across the seven seas
Mighta packed it in and been a long haired hippie
Or a greenie chainin’ arms and legs to trees

If I’da chance to learn ta play the fiddle
Insteada learnin’ like I did to play the fool
You might be listenin’ now instead to lovely music
If I ‘da a bow insteada pen for tool

Can you see me with a dozen hungry chil’ren?
No? ’ow bouta hundred hungry hairy goats?
Or a zoo that’s full o’ scary lookin’ critters?
In a castle wearin’ fancy clo’es and coats?

Or I mighta married one of them there fellas
With money comin’ out ’is hairy ears
I coulda helped the basket spend his dollars
On a truck with fifty wheels ‘n a ’undred gears

I might not’a lost me teef or broke ma snoz hey
If I’da went ta school with scary nuns
But even then I think I wouldn’ learn much
Caus’ scary nuns, they gives to me tha runs

But the choices I ’as made has led me ’ere
On a different path we mighta never met
And we never woulda known what we was missin’
Guess its good ’cause that’s just one I don’t regret

Zoe Younger © June 2011

(Tongue firmly in cheek!)