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So much for friendship… 

I took a new friend home last year, to introduce her there
I knew she needed company, a feed, some warmth and care
When she felt scared, alone, afraid, I stayed up half the night
To comfort her, to be with her, said all would work out right

Six months along, she’s still around, she’s not inclined to roam
She eats my food, she drinks my drink and makes herself at home
She drops her hair – it’s everywhere – she never picks things up
Just leaves them, then I stand on them, my heart goes giddy-up

She’s s’posed to be my confidant; she’s s’posed to be my friend,
I thought she’d listen, care, be there – until the very end
I hoped she’d understand me, care that I get lonely too
But since she came I’m lonelier and now I’m feeling blue

She fell in love, the witch, and ‘cause she’s found a boyfriend now
She dropped me like a red hot brick, she dumped me, rotten cow
The way she’s started treating me, it really gives me pause
So much for friendship now I’ve seen that she has teeth and claws

She stole my husband in the night, he left me without warning
I found her dark brown hairs upon his pillow in the morning
Her small exotic figure lured him in, makes me feel fat
And all because she such a lovely brown Burmese cross cat

Zoe Younger © 2008



Thanks Bebe. By the way, nothing has changed In all these years!