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Homeless dogs in winter time heating on sanitaryware well

The way was dark and stormy, the street lights burning thin
‘twas not a night to be about, ‘twas time to be within
A cloud of mist hung heavy, the roadway none to clear
The rows of grave-like houses monotonous and drear
I wandered up and down and round but nowhere did I find
The cheery warmth I nightly sought to leave the chill behind
All my friends had said their prayers and nodded off to sleep
Content and warm and satisfied, their loved ones in their keep
I stumbled to the river deep that flows relentless on
And pondered on the ripple that like me would soon be gone
For what is life to those who peer through windows in the night
To watch the happy faces chatting by the fires light
Forever just a shadow unnoticed by the crowd
Whose soundless chatter echoes in the silent misty shroud.

©1997 Zoe Younger

It’s a cold winter night tonight and I’m thinking of those who are out there in the cold, homeless.