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In the smell of a campfire at daybreak
In the newness of each day at dawn
Wakefulness brings back your memory
And I search for you, sad and forlorn

When breeze ruffles leaves in our gum tree
When moonlight sends shivers up my spine
How I long for that smile on your sweet face
In your eyes as they seek and meet mine

So reckless and careless of time’s mist
So thoughtless, so foolish were we
We cared not our time could be shortened
Not near long enough would it be

To say all the things that we might have
To see all our dreams, reach our goal
You’re gone and the cup that we drank from
Is as empty as Oliver’s bowl

The love that we had for each other
Endures although we had to part
We’re still one in our souls and our spirits
You live on in my memory, my heart.

© Zoe Younger 24 June 2011