Frau sucht ihr Geld zusammen an der Supermarktkasse

Recently I heard a lovely story about the kindness of a stranger. I hope you enjoy it too.

A lady standing in a line at the grocery store decided she didn’t have time before her bus came to buy the two or three items she had gathered. She excused herself, left the store and went to the bus stop to wait for the bus.

The bus came and she put one foot up into the bus when a man came down the street calling “Lady…”. She turned and the man pushed a bag into her hands saying, “I bought these for you.” Yes, in the bag were the items she had left behind.

What a lovely story. In this world where there are so many negative stories, it’s nice to hear a story every now and then to restore your faith that there are still some nice people out there.

Have you experienced the kindness of a stranger? I’d love to hear about it.