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silhouette of a rider on a jumping horse

Happy, cheery, optimistic. These are my chosen moods for today. Yes, I firmly believe I should choose my mood rather than allow external influences decide how I feel. No, it doesn’t always mean that the whole day is sunshine and roses, but it certainly helps to set the direction. When my ship gets diverted it’s a matter of resetting the sails and getting back on course.

Recently, I was asked what is the mood of my book. What a good question! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t asked myself that question before. I want to say that it’s happy, cheery and optimistic but I think I need to read it over again and check that that’s actually the case.

Some chapters are definitely darker, of course. No story about survivors who leave behind their home and build a new life half a world away can be all sweetness and light. Survivors almost always suffer at least a degree of guilt. But, as we all are required to do, Liam and Mary reset their sails and adjust their thinking to suit their new circumstances.

That, in the long run is the important thing. Learn the lessons of the past and look to the future. Yes, it’s easy to say though not so easy to do. An admirable thing in any person’s story.

What about you? Do you know someone who has done just that? I’d love to hear your views.