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“Writers make time for writing. And everyone does it her own way. Your job is to find your way.” Sage Cohen

Aint that the truth! I’m still finding my way. Last night I sat down to write my blog post and promptly fell asleep over the screen. Please forgive me. I didn’t get a post up. Obviously I have not yet found my “way”.

How does one find their way? By trial and error, suck it and see? Or, as my dear brother said, “If at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger hammer!” I need a bigger hammer!

How is it that just when we think we know ourselves, we fall off the edge and realise there is so much more we need to learn. So, where to from here? Back to the drawing board and try another way.

You guessed it, this weekend my task is to reset my schedule, reprioritize my goals and jump back on that horse. That’s my job.

Blue alarmer with a hammer on the white background.